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I don't 'obsess'... I 'think'. Intensely.

encounters with iron chickens, seeds, and sentient musical instruments

concerned elk is concerned
20 December 1981
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About me:

Twenty-something Yorkshire (York via Huddersfield, Barnsley and Sheffield) lass. Survivor (though only just) of an undergrad Chemistry degree, I'm now (to use the ultimate of all cliches) 'working out what I want to do with the rest of my life'. I'm a frustrated writer and thus some of my more readable attempts will find their way onto my journal from time to time. I have appalling spatial awareness so for the safety of the world at large I can't drive. I can however knit, sing, line dance, provide random, trivial and useless information on a variety of subjects and make fudge the traditional way. I'm also currently a yellow belt in kick boxing which sounds a touch more impressive than it actually is. Politically, I'm mostly liberal though deeply distrusting and cynical about politicians and political parties in general. Religiously, I tend towards the pagan side of things. I am probably more opinionated than I think I am at times, especially if you get me started on certain topics. I'm definitely a night owl rather than a morning person and it has been suggested that the only safe way to wake me early is to poke me from the other end of very long stick. I'd like to think that I still appear sweet and innocent even though the evidence to the contrary is mounting up. In fact, it would be fair to say that I can be a walking contradiction.
Oh and I'm gay and tend to fangirl various women, though if you've seen my journal layout or interests you've probably already worked that out ;)

On a personal note I have been described as strong, determined, passionate, kinky, exotic and an enigma... and that's only in the last few weeks. I am indecisive to the extreme and can be, to borrow a film quote, extremely stubborn and suspicious. I have a tendency to over analyse things which makes my journal title ("I don't 'obsess', I 'think'. Intensely" - a quote from Charmed) rather appropriate. If you hadn't already guessed, I do also have a propensity to quote from various tv shows, films, books and songs, so much so that most of my journal entry subjects will be quotes of some description.

What to expect from my journal:

Two parts randomness to one part self therapy liberally sprinkled with a generous helping of geekiness... but then this is LiveJournal, what the hell did you expect?
I sometimes friends lock or filter posts but for the most part my journal is public. If you friend me I'll more than likely friend you back but leave me a comment if you do as I don't often check my user info.

This journal is now going friends only with the exception of brigits_flame submissions. If you like to read my ramblings about life, the universe and everything please comment and I'll most likely add you.


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